okayyy can everybody stop talking shit about ppl who give their dogs and cats all-vegan diets, i fed my cat all raw vegan food since he was a kitten and he lived a very happy four years :)


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1. Those tigers look thin.

2. Zoos are fucking stupid.

3. Capturing wild animals and using them for human entertainment is a super shitty thing to do.

4. This is not cool.

This is abuse and horrible.  Zoos are prisons.

Some zoos only take old animals to where they are given an easy life. Their maintenance is funded by people coming into the zoo.

Those tigers are not thin.

"Zoos are fucking stupid" wow such science you sold me

They weren’t captured for this purpose, they probably weren’t captured at all, it’s called rescuing. 

This is cool.

This is not abuse, it’s actually exercise if you think about it.

Zoos are not prisons. Zoos allow us to rescue animals, research them, and protect them from hunters and the dangers that we, as humans, impose on them.

I’m so done with all the shit about zoos on my fucking dash. 

Zoos literally save animals every day so why don’t you do your freaking research.

This comment is perfect^

Animals come to zoos as a result of 

  • being born captive
  • getting injured in the wild and rescued to live a healthy life in captivity
  • being rescued from black market dealers, private collectors, or the like who decide that they can no longer care for the animals or who had been illegally keeping the animals
  • being in a breeding program to increase their numbers because the animal is endangered in the wild

If you knew anything about tigers at all, you’d know that they are endangered in the wild due to poaching and hunting. It is of utmost importance that their numbers increase, or they will go extinct within the next fifty years. I don’t know what zoo this is so I don’t know their reputation, but the tigers look healthy, and this tug-of-war is good for them because some animals get stressed in zoos when they are bored. This isn’t solely to entertain zoo guests, it is to give the tigers something fun to do.

Zoos do not snatch animals from the wild without a good reason. If you want to protest animal captivity, go to SeaWorld and protest the orcas being kept there, they are far too large to belong in such cramped spaces and they are solely kept for entertainment.

Thank you and good day.


Tigers play just like domestic cats play with each other, this is for the educational benefit of the visitors and the enrichment benefit of the tigers. Also word to the comment above. Tigers are endangered to the point that they cannot repopulate themselves in the wild, they need the help of captive institutions like zoos, where they live carefree lives free of stress and can breed and birth without fear that other predators and mating competitors will come along and eat their cubs.

Furthermore, these tigers are NOT thin. In fact, one of the ones in the large group looks borderline obese. People who know nothing about animals need to stop talking about animals.

Before we jump in on this, it’s important to note that a majority of zoos do NOT have breeding programs that create offspring viable enough to return to the wild. It’s incredibly difficult to raise tiger cubs in a captive environment and then release them in the wild. The problem isn’t just because tigers have difficulty breeding, but because of habitat loss and poaching. Additionally, mixed subspecies of tigers cannot be released in the wild either - they won’t survive - and not all zoos know the exact subspecies of their tigers, making their offspring only useful for captive environments like zoos or sanctuaries.

Also please note that white tigers do not exist in the wild and breeding more of them does not help tigers in the wild or in captivity. White tigers are created by breeding father-daughter, mother-son, or brother-sister together. Naturally, all white tigers are born with defects, and many of them are not considered pretty enough to be on display.

Some zoos out there do have official breeding programs with hopes to boost the wild population, but most breed their own animals because that’s what brings in the paying public. Always do your background research on zoos and sanctuaries before visiting them to ensure your money is being used to its best capacity. Education and smart choices will be the saving grace of these animals.

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Forget dogs; spaghetti is truly man’s best friend. Here are 19 easy ways to make it.

Adding one of my personal favorites: spaghetti with chopped small tomatoes, chopped collard greens, minced garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan.

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Why Declawing is a Bad Idea (An 1-minute guide)

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This is very important

My family adopted a cat whose previous owner declawed her. She had nowhere else to go and couldn’t stay in a shelter room with any other cats since she was continuously bullied without defense. We ended up taking her since we own an extremely docile cat, and she’s now living a happy life. But declawing is never a good idea.

seriously it is literally mutilating your pet it is monstrous i will lose all respect for you if you do this to your cat

God, this is so important. I got my cat when I was younger and my mom declawed him without asking me. Since then he’s had complications with infections in the poorly healed surgical wounds multiple times and he’s frequently in pain. He limps almost all the time and rarely ever jumps down from anything higher than waist hight because of how much the impact of landing on his front paws hurts. For the love of god, do not put your cat through this.

Many of the shelters I’ve volunteered at have declawed cats who became unwanted due to behavior changes. It’s just not worth the hassle and risk.

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Finding alternatives in baking is always a fun adventure for me. Some of these ingredients, and oils like sunflower or nut milks like almond, can also replace butter and milk. My personal favorite replacements are bananas and sunflower oil, as they have a smooth and neutral flavor while still maintaining the same great binding properties as eggs.

Finding alternatives in baking is always a fun adventure for me. Some of these ingredients, and oils like sunflower or nut milks like almond, can also replace butter and milk. My personal favorite replacements are bananas and sunflower oil, as they have a smooth and neutral flavor while still maintaining the same great binding properties as eggs.

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How dog breeders have “improved” breeds over the past 100 years. 

  1. The basset hound never used to sit so low. The dog has suffered changes to his rear leg structure, has excessive skin, vertebrae problems, droopy eyes that are prone to ectropion and entropion, and excessively large ears. 
  2. The bull terrier used to be an athletic dog, but over the years his snout was mutated to be oversized and bending downwards, leading to respiratory issues. Many bull terriers have supernumerary teeth and are compulsive tail chasers and air biters owing to brain deformities. 
  3. The boxer now has a much shorter face with an extremely short snout. The hindquarters are also lower. Like all brachycephalic dogs, the boxer has difficulty controlling his temperature in hot weather, meaning they are prone to overheating and collapsing in the summer. The boxer also has one of the highest cancer rates among dog breeds and many modern day boxers suffer from seizures. 
  4. The english bulldog has evolved into a creature that suffers from almost every known disease. A kennel club survey conducted in 2004 found that they die on average at only 6 years and 4 months old. They cannot mate without human intervention, and cannot give birth naturally due to their giant heads. There is no such thing as a truly healthy bulldog. 
  5. The dachshund, at one time, used to have functional legs and necks for their size. Their backs and legs have gotten longer, chest jutted forward, and legs have shrunk to such proportions that there is barely any clearance between their chest and the floor. Obese dachshunds usually have to actually drag their bellies across the ground. Their risk for intervertebral disc disease - which can result in paralysis - is extremely high. They are also prone to achrondoplastic related pathologies, progressive retinal apathy, and problems with their legs and joints. 
  6. Pugs are the most inbred breed of dog in existence - an investigation carried out found that amongst the 10,000 pugs found in the UK are so inbred, the gene pool consists of the equivalent of only 50 individuals.  They are extremely brachycephalic, and suffer severely from all the associated problems - the folds in their face frequently get infected, they struggle to breathe (making snoring/snorting/huffing noises even without moving), they have high blood pressure, low oxygenation, often collapse and die in the summer or if allowed to overheat, dentition problems due to their skulls being so curled in, and perhaps most shocking - their double curled tail is actually a genetic defect, and in its most serious forms leads to paralysis and many dogs needed a wheelchair or being euthanised if this progresses. These dogs are usually culled if they fail to produce this ‘attractive’ trait. 

Healthy puppies that do not succumb to these ridiculous modern day breed standards are usually culled. One very heartbreaking example is the rhodesian ridgeback. The ridge is actually a genetic deformity - a mild form of spinal bifida - and puppies born without this ridge are healthy - but since the ridge is their namesake, healthy puppies are normally culled at birth and only those with noticeable ridges are bred from, thus passing the disability down to future dogs. Below is a ridgeback alongside a healthy, ridgeless dog.

3 to 4 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full…. people are choosing to buy from breeders or shops instead of offering them a home. 

Homeless animals outnumber homeless people by 5:1. 

Only 1 in 10 dogs will ever find a permanent home. 


Please consider adopting a homeless dog. Please don’t encourage breeding these animals when there are so many being killed every year. Breeding is a profit, not “just” a hobby, and even if you think your breeder is reputable, they are still churning out puppies into a world where pets are seen as disposable. 

This post is EXTREMELY important and I want all of you to read it.

NEVER buy a dog. Adoption should be your only option.

this post is extremely important. please, please, pleaaaase always consider adoption and never go to breeders or pet stores. the dogs there are generally very unhealthy. please don’t enable inbreeding just to get a “purebred” dog. loads of mutts look just like purebreds anyway so “purebreds are so much cuter/prettier” shouldn’t even be said (and imo if you’re so concerned with how your dog looks i doubt you’re a good pet owner to begin with).

and also, while this isn’t something related to the purebred vs. mixed issue, if you’re going to an animal shelter to adopt, please try to pick up bigger and/or older dogs!

i work at the humane society and i can tell you right now, puppies come in and leave right away anyway. bigger and older dogs (pitbulls and the like included—no they are not aggressive dogs they are total sweethearts), on the other hand, do not. i’ve seen so many 4+ year old dogs being in our shelter for /weeks/ despite them being absolutely amazing dogs. probably the most well-behaved i’ve ever seen as well. so please please pleaaaase consider those ones as well. they need loving homes just as much as the puppies do!

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This is important. Stop big cat hunting. This literally is making me cry. 

The way the lion tries to shut out the light…

:Why would you shoot it?

I cannot think of any reason to kill a Lion. You don’t eat it. It’s a waste.

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I will not name the sanctuary’s name due to reasons that will become clear later.

I am very grateful for what the sanctuary does by taking in exotics that no longer have a home or can be taken care of. I am well aware of how difficult it can be to have enough supplies, money, and labor to be…

This is why you always need to be careful with what sanctuaries you support. There are a lot of pseudo-sanctuaries out there, and ones that may mean well but in reality just do more harm than good and should recognize that. And the fact they do tiger petting is another huge testament to their lack of concern for the well being of their animals or even their visitors.

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I’m curious. Reblog this if you know how to cook


I don’t even care if it’s macaroni, ramen or those little bowls you stick in the microwave. Please, I need reassurance that most of the population on tumblr WOULDN’T STARVE TO DEATH if their parents couldn’t fix them food or they couldn’t go out to eat.